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The People of Afghanistan look to the future

Summary: on the 14 th of November 2018, the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) held a conference in Parliament to discuss the future of Afghan refugees and Afghanistan. First Secretary Naveed Noormal attended.

ACAA was established in 2001 and works with Afghans and Central Asians living away from their homeland, providing the support, skills and knowledge to live and prosper in the UK. The association is also developing citizens’ advice centres in Afghanistan. On the 14 th of November, First Secretary Naveed Noormal attended the ACAA conference “The People of Afghanistan look to the future” in Parliament. There, he highlighted the progress made in human rights through the Afghanistan National Peace & Development Framework and the Independent Human Rights Commission. Furthermore, he also articulated the Embassy’s commitment to continue to promote the self-reliance and welfare of all Afghan citizens.

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