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The Farkhunda Trust Annual Lecture

Summary: Political Counsellor Hanif Ahmadzai attended the Farkhunda Trust’s Annual Lecture to convey the Embassy’s commitment to strengthen gender equality in Afghanistan.

The Farkhunda Trust was founded by women’s rights activist Rahela Sidiqi to increase the role of women and young people in Afghanistan’s developmental process. The trust is dedicated to provide scholarships and mentoring services for exceptional female students in Afghanistan, with the aim of facilitate their progression into higher education. As a panellist, Political Counsellor Hanif Ahmadzai highlighted the great strides that the Afghan government has made in the process of enhancing the role of women in politics, and the importance of education to this end. Moreover, Political Counsellor Hanif Ahmadzai also conveyed the Embassy’s commitment to continue to support the Farkhunda Trust in their future initiatives in the UK.

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