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Seminar Held on Terrorism and Extremism in the Heart of Asia Region

071215-5As an initiative by the Regional Cooperation Directorate, a one day seminar on “Counter Terrorism and Extremism in the Heart of Asia Region” was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aiming to discuss and study the emergence of the terrorist and extremist groups, especially the new terrorist group like Daesh, in the region within the trust building framework of the Istanbul Process/Heart of Asia.

The meeting was held with the presence of the government authorities, national council members, experts, university professors, and representatives of the Afghan society and member countries and organizations supporting the process, and was inaugurated with the speech by the Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Naseer Ahmad Andisha, and the issues related to terrorism, extremism, and violent acts threats of the extremist groups, and how to counter them was discussed and studied.

Mr. Andisha besides welcoming the participants stated that terrorism and extremism are a joint threat for the regional countries and the world, and does not recognize religion and ethnicity, and the people of Afghanistan as the main victims of this ominous phenomenon understands its danger very well.

 Mr. Andisha counted this seminar as helpful for the exchange of views on how to jointly counter terrorism and extremism within the Istanbul Process framework, and added that an effective fight against this phenomenon would be possible with the partnership and active joint efforts of all of the regional countries and organizations and the world.

Later on, the experts exchanged views regarding the terrorism and extremism threats and emergence of the new terrorist organizations including Daesh, in two groups, and also exchanged views regarding the policies of the regional government regarding joint counter against this phenomenon.

At the end, a number of the participants explained their viewpoints regarding the subject of the seminar which was responded to by the experts.

It is worth mentioning that the results of this seminar would be presented to the Senior Officials Meeting and the Istanbul Process/Heart of Asia Foreign Ministers Conference which is due to be held on December 9th, 2016 and hosted by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in its capital city.