Today: Friday, May 25th, 2018
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Press Release

Afghanistan_flagPreliminary assessments by security and defense agencies of Afghanistan show that terrorist groups who fight in Faryab, Kunduz,
Ningarhar, Badakhshan, Urozgan and Helmand provinces aim to create fear and terror among people, and accomplish the goals of outsiders and drug smugglers.

In yesterday’s extraordinary cabinet meeting that was chaired by President Ghani on the security situation of the mentioned provinces, especially Kunduz, Deputy Chief of Army Staff General Murad Ali Murad, and Acting Governor of Kunduz Hamdullah Danishi gave briefings via video teleconference on the latest security developments in Kunduz province.

President Ghani said in this meeting that preliminary assessments by intelligence agencies show that the terrorist groups in Afghanistan are criminal groups, Taliban and foreign terrorists who commit unforgivable crimes for ensuring the interests of outsiders and drug smugglers.

The President said that we are faced with a treacherous and devious enemy who is financed from external sources and narcotics, and who attack the life, property and dignity of people for the interests of outsiders.

President Ghani once again praised the security and defense forces of the country for fighting against the terrorists, and said: our
courageous and brave armed forces want Afghanistan to move forward and its people to live together in freedom, independence and prosperity.

The President stated that we maintain and promote rule of law, security and welfare, whereas the terrorists resort to violence,
murder, intimidation and extrajudicial trials.

General Murad Ali Murad said that the security and defense forces of Afghanistan have not committed any acts and violations of human rights, and reassured the President that the security and defense forces, following the laws of the land and complying with
international conventions, will protect the lives and properties of people.