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President Karzai By Emphasizing On Official Start of Peace Process, Urges Full Freedom of Mullah Beradar

December 01, 2013

H.E. President Hamid Karzai met with Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif who arrived in Kabul on one-day visit yesterday.

The meeting that took place at the Presidential Palace, both sides exchanged views on relations between the two countries, peace process of Afghanistan, expansion of trade and transit cooperation and struggle against terrorism and extremism and elimination of the hideouts of terrorism.

The Afghan side while emphasizing on the official start of peace process urged the Prime Minister of Pakistan for full freedom of Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar and freeing of other Afghan Taliban from the Pakistani prisons.

The Pakistani side agreed that Pakistan will prepare the ground for meeting of Mullah Beradar with his family and agrees over his full freedom however this issue should be taken with the US side.

Both sides also emphasized on cooperation and on the constructive role of the US in progress of peace process in Afghanistan.

The President of Afghanistan called the issue of elimination of terrorist hideouts and emphasized on the serious struggle by the two countries on this direction.

After the meeting President Hamid Karzai and Mia Nawaz Sharif attended a joint press conference.

Addressing a press conference President Karzai welcoming Prime Minister Mia Nawaz Sharif said that after the election of Nawaz Sharif as Pakistan Prime Minister, relations between the two nations have improved.

He added that today we discussed different issues including peace process, and practical measures to be taken for the purpose of peace and the role of Afghanistan, the US and Pakistan in this process.

He added that both sides clearly stated that terrorism and extremism are dangerous for Afghanistan and Pakistan and we discussed the elimination of terrorists and their hideouts in the region.

He noted that he is hopeful that Afghanistan and Pakistan can succeed in the struggle against terrorism and in elimination of terrorists’ hideouts and undoubtedly the two countries with constructive cooperation can gain success in this respect.

He added that the Prime Minister of Pakistan for his goodwill invited Salahuddin Rabbani Chairman of the High Peace Council to visit Pakistan and he had a series of meetings there. The Pakistani Prime Minister and his companions attended a luncheon hosted in their honor by President Karzai

While welcoming Nawaz Sharif at the reception the president said that I hope that Afghanistan and Pakistan as two brotherly neighbors having the best relations conduct a joint struggle against terrorism and extremism which not only threat the two countries but the entire region.

Pakistani Prime Minister thanked President Karzai for his warm hospitality and added that I am carrying the message of friendship and goodwill from Pakistan and I feel it my mission to work with the leadership of the government of Afghanistan for realization of the wishes of our two nations towards peace, welfare and tranquility.

He added that we are for strengthening of economic and trade cooperation to jointly work with Afghanistan so that we can increase the balance of trade to 5 billion dollars and surely say that our cooperation is growing in trade areas.