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President Ghani’s Message On Occasion of Eid Al-Adha

President Ghani’s Message On Occasion of Eid Al-AdhaIn the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

I congratulate the Muslims of Afghanistan and the world on the auspicious occasion of the Greater Eid. This blissful festival, which follows performance of Hajj pilgrimage in the Noble House of Allah, comes with messages of devotion, unity and brotherhood to Muslims. It is hoped that thanks to the sanctity of these blessed days, we get inspired by the diversity of languages, tribes, colors, and schools, and unity in rank of Muslims on Hajj pilgrimage, and be witnesses of peace and solidarity among the Muslims, especially in our own country.

Dear Countrymen,

Eid Saeed Qurban (Eid Al-Adha) has always conjured up for Muslims lofty concepts of the religion and faith as well as the message of devotion, sacrifice and selflessness; but for our nation that has endured several kinds of sacrifices and still sacrifices its sons and daughters for protection of the lives of their countrymen and security of their country, this occasion has deeper meaning.

Brothers and Sisters, I know that we have given many sacrifices for the religion, freedom, and prosperity of our country, and I know that poverty and deprivation, war and insecurity as well as the prevalence of different kinds of injustices-a product of the crises of the past few decades-have not allowed us to put this situation behind and reap the dividends of these sacrifices, which are security, prosperity, and progress.

Divine wisdom as well as experience of different nations demonstrate that after every hardship there comes ease, and that happy and bright days await a people who have endured suffering and distress. In the interpretation of the language of the glorious Quran: ‘indeed with hardship comes ease’.

Let’s come together and see for ourselves how we can have a better future. No nation has earned a better future freely and gratuitously, but created it with conscious resolve and determination. This resolve is embodied in the unity of the leaders of the country, in the national solidarity and harmony of social and political groups, as well as in the hope and optimism of each and every member of the nation.

This first step is that we overcome pessimism and hopelessness. It is impossible to get anywhere by resorting to hopelessness and obscurantism. The enemies of Afghanistan have relied more on psychological warfare than physical, and they want to break the morale of our people so as to realize their malevolent desires and designs. Keeping hope alive will thwart a good part of their designs.

We also need unity and harmony. Unity and Harmony don’t mean absence of objections or difference of opinions. The diversity of perspectives and views in a nation, is not sign of a problem but sign of diversity and richness of that nation. But discretion is to be exercised not to allow the diversity to be steered in the direction of division and discord. We should not allow that divisive noises penetrate the wall of our solidarity and unity in the name of tribe, language, region, religion, party, ideology etc. The fundamental need of this nation is to raise the good call for solidarity, brotherhood and unity, and this is the only way we can pave the way for progress of our nation and realize the multiplicity of our hopes and aspirations.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our hope is not based on wishful thinking or delusions. We have an army that is marching forth; we have a police that is growing; we have a security apparatus that is developing; we have an education process that is expanding as well as a commercial system whose foundation is being laid so as to bring us and the region benefits for decades.

Brothers and Sisters,

The Greater Eid is the blessed occasion that conjures up submission of the children of Adam to Almighty Allah and rejection of egoism. When the children of Adam become egoistic, they only see their own (narrow) interests, only care for themselves or their group, and fail to accept and tolerate others. But when the children of Adam submit themselves to Almighty Allah, then good replaces bad, division and discord give way to solidarity and unity.

On this day, millions of Muslims around the word- black and white, Arab and non-Arab, men and women- stand before their Lord without any discrimination, and call for unity and brotherhood. We celebrate the Greater Eid this year in a state where in different Islamic countries of the world, the fire of violence is raging, the Muslims’ blood is flowing, and millions of human beings are burning in the fire of war, conflict, poverty and destitution.

Destroying Islamic countries, preventing their development and progress, keeping Muslim children deprived of education and learning, and attacking the mosques, marketplaces, shrines and offices cannot have any results other than weakening and impoverishing Muslims. (Let’s remember), at this moment that we felicitate each other, the convoys of women, children, the elderly and the youth that are on the move from different Islamic countries. This situation brings to mind a poem from the renowned poet of the country, Ustad Abdul Rahman Pazhwak:

People say come, it is Eid

Upon whom is Eid God knows

My hope is that the blessings of the greater Eid strengthen the spirit of cooperation, help, brotherhood, love, acceptance and tolerance in the war-torn communities, and in the same way that millions of Muslims have gathered in Baitullah (Noble Sanctuary) without any discrimination or prejudice, in our own communities, we extend to each other the hand of unity and solidarity, and promote peace and solidarity instead of hatred, grudge, and egoism.

Bringing peace and solidarity is not the job of the government or any particular council, but it is the shared responsibility of all the nation to work for the interest and national unity of Afghanistan, and fulfill his or her Afghan and Islamic responsibility.

May Almighty Allah bestow happiness and prosperity upon all Muslims and human beings. I pray to Almighty Allah and wish solidarity, peace and happiness for all Muslims, especially in my country.

Long Live Afghanistan