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President Ghani Meets with Foreign Ambassadors to Kabul

President Ghani Meets with Foreign Ambassadors to KabulPresident Ashraf Ghani met this afternoon with Kabul-based ambassadors of European, North American and regional countries.

The President began by thanking the ambassadors for the messages of condolences their respective leaders had expressed to Afghanistan on the recent terrorist attacks.

In the meeting that took place in ARG, President Ghani elaborated on Afghanistan’s position in regard to Pakistan following the recent terrorist attacks. Referring to the recent attacks in Kabul and other big cities in Afghanistan, President Ghani said the attack in Kabul’s Shah Shahid area was designed and planned by terrorist groups in Pakistan.

President Ghani stressed that the Kabul’s attack marked a turning point for Afghanistan. The President added that after Mullah Omar’s death was confirmed, terrorist groups held public gatherings in Pakistan and declared war against Afghanistan.

The President emphasized that the Pakistani government should realize the sensitivity of the issue and it is expected to take strong action against terrorist groups inside its territory. President Ghani added that an Afghan delegation will be leaving for Pakistan on this Thursday to further discuss the issue.

President Ghani said that the government of Pakistan should have the same definition of terrorism in regard to Afghanistan, just as it has for its own.

The President concluded that Afghan government has made its position clear to the Pakistani officials and now Pakistan’s decisions in the coming weeks will determine the status of the relations between the two countries.