Passport – Ireland

Applications from Republic of Ireland

Applicants applying from the Republic of Ireland must meet all the requirements. Passports are issued upon receipt of applicant’s credentials. Please ensure that you provide all the necessary details mentioned bellow:

  • TAZKERA:  The applicant should provide the Original National ID or Tazkera,Photo copy is not accepted. 
  • PROOF OF ADDRESS: The applicant should provide Originals supporting documents; such as Bank Statement, Bills etc.  
  • APPLICATION FORM: The applicant should print the Passport Forms [in original quality] and complete it before arrival
  • The applicant should complete the form with black ink-pen and ensure it’s clearly readable before signing it.
  • SIGNATURE: The applicant’s Signature should not exceed or touch the edges of the signature box as it will be printed in the passport.
  • SURNAME: Stating Family Name (Surname) is compulsory
  • DOB: Applicants should choose and fill one of the [Date of Birth] fields. Islamic (Solar Calendar) or Christian (Gregorian Calendar)
  • POB: Applicants should carefully fill in the [place of Birth] field, as your ID’s place of issue may vary from your place of birth.
  • PHOTO: The applicant’s photo should be New, in White Background and the Photo Size should be 4 x 4.5 or American standard size. For photo size and description, click here…
  • HEIGHT: Applicants should state their exact height in centimetres (CM)
  • FEE:  All new passports are issued for a minimum of 5 years or 10 years validity; therefore, a fee of £110.00 or £200.00 must be postal order. We do not accept cash or cheques.
  • Applicants from Republic of Ireland, must provide their Viber/Whats-app number or Skype ID details for a short interview.

However, Ireland applicants have to send their application to the the following address:

Consulate Section

Embassy of the I. R. of Afghanistan

31 Princes Gate, 



Applicants from Republic of Ireland must pay the correct fees for their application by sending us a postal order of £110 for 5 years validity, and £200.00 for 10 years of validity and, additionally, send a separate postal order of £15.00 for the postal cost of returning the documents by Recorded Delivery.

For Postal order, please write the correct name of payee: Embassy of Afghanistan. Do not send us a blank payee postal order. 

Please note that applications from Republic of Ireland may sometimes take up to 6 weeks to be processed. In some cases, applicants may also be requested to provide additional documents.

For further queries, please contact:

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