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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release

February 20, 2017
Kabul – Today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave a list of 32 terrorist training centers that are operating on Pakistani soil against Afghanistan to Pakistani authorities through Afghan Ambassador to Islamabad and asked for immediate actions against these centers.
The letter given to the Pakistani side also includes once again, the names of 85 senior members and leaders of the Taliban and other terrorist groups, including the Haqqani Network who has been responsible for crimes against the Afghan people so that Pakistan takes actions to arrest and hand them over to the Afghan government.
The initial response of the Pakistani authorities was positive this morning and we hope that the Government of Pakistan takes practical steps in this regard.
The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan once again desires to discuss and take responsible actions jointly with the Government of Pakistan on the lists and concerns of both sides, particularly within the framework of quadrilateral cooperation group.
The Government of Afghanistan emphasizes that if violence continues against the people of Afghanistan, it will continue its efforts to increase sanctions against all terrorist groups and their supporters through international mechanisms, especially the United Nations.