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Minister of Foreign Affairs Shares the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 100-Day Plan with the Public

salahuddin Rabbani Foreign MinisterMinister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Salahuddin Rabbani shared the Ministry’s 100-Day plan with the public at the Government Media Information Center, through media.
Mr. Rabbani considered the Government response and information provision strategy a very good and basic step towards transparency culture and good governance generalization and continued with the 100-Day plan of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Mr. Rabbani stated that further effectiveness in provision of services and budget savings are the main reform objectives in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and explained sixty plans of the Ministry which are going to be implemented in the areas of reform, basic principles or foreign policy doctrine, foreign relations, citizens and refugees rights follow up, and human and women rights.
Mr. Rabbani considered the human resources policy review and finalization, diplomatic and consulate services law amendment plan finalization, Linguistic skills requirement for the new employees, initiation of employees’ appointment commission to the Afghan political and consulate missions in the foreign countries, returning the temporary posted employees to their permanent posts, decision making on the appointment of new Ambassadors and General Consuls and assessing Ministry of Foreign Affair’s contractual advisors’ performance, as important duties of the Ministry’s first 100 days regarding further effectiveness of the diplomatic apparatus of the country.
Mr. Rabbani regarding the savings mentioned the closure of three Embassies, reduction of number of contractual employees, procurement of buildings for the offices and residence of the diplomats, and increment of valuable documents revenue in consideration with the living standards in various countries.