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Memorial Service For Afghanistan’s Sikh Community

Summary: Representatives from the Embassy attended a ceremony to remember the 19 victims of the 1st of July terror attack in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

Embassy representatives Hanif Ahmadzai, Naveed Noormal and Asif Noorzai, along with members of the Afghan diaspora community in the UK, attended a London ceremony to remember those who passed away in the contemptible terror-attack on the Afghan-Sikh community in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Together, they paused for a moment of reflection for the 19 victims of the 1st of July 2018 bombings.

At the service, Political Counsellor Hanif Ahmadzai offered the Embassy’s deepest condolences to those families affected by the terror attack, and wished for a speedy recovery of all those injured. “Our thoughts are with the Afghan-Sikh community during this difficult time as you mourn those lost in this tragedy. The attack will be thoroughly investigated by our government, and the perpetrators will face trial for their horrendous crime. It is our priority to ensure the security of all Afghans, including members of Afghanistan’s Sikh and Hindu communities”, Political Counsellor Hanif Ahmadzai said.

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