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Excerpts from Chief Executive Abdullah’s remarks at the meeting of the Council of Ministers

Dr Abdullah AbdullahChief Exec Abdullah expressed condolences to the families of civilians and national security forces killed by “criminals” in the last few days. He said:

‘In order to regroup and give a boost to their damaged spirits, criminals and terrorists, under Taliban title, resort to criminal acts and the killing of our people and thus want to restore unity within their ranks… as you know, their criminal leader who was involved in the killing of our people throughout two decades has died more than two years ago, and during this period, our people continued to be victimized in his name.”

We in the National Unity Government also witnessed that talks took place under this criminal’s name. We need to review our plan in all of these areas. We know who are behind these atrocities, those who plan such attacks are outside the country. Those who take responsibility for these crimes are in Pakistan.

In regards to Pakistan… in spite of our people’s skepticism, we took bold steps to improve relations, but unfortunately, Pakistan did not cooperate in anti-terrorism activities over the past 10 months as we expected… and they issued good statements, but these who commit crimes against our people are financed there, they are armed there, and finally they keep Mullah Omar’s death a secret for two years, and then openly hold new leadership meetings on order to restore their identity under the leadership of a new criminal, to gain legitimacy and continue their carnage.

Our expectation of Pakistan is very simple. When Peshawar’s school tragedy took place, we called it terrorism and Afghans denounced it… We even went further and helped them with terrorist element they claimed were on our side.

Meanwhile, as terrorists take responsibility after broad daylight attacks on our side, no limitation have been imposed on their activities and they continue their shameless attacks.

It’s simple: our people are under attack, and we, the Government, are duty-bound to stand by our people, which we are. We are proud of our security forces and our people… who stood in line to give blood to the wounded, and our forces shed blood in the frontlines. In this case, the people and the government are one and united.

Afghans want tangible action… on one hand, we are responsible to give it our most sincere try to restore peace – a reason for which all doors are open for dialogue – and on the other hand, those who do not deliver, need to know that we speak from a legitimate position since we represent our people’s unified stance and are defending against terrorism.

…Not only has no change been detected in the military machinery of the Taliban over the last 10 months, but it has in fact gotten stronger… because they don’t feel any pressure, and they are armed and financed, and resort to unencumbered mobility.

We were told that “Afghanistan’s enemy is Pakistan’s enemy”. What kind of enemy of Pakistan is this? They kill people here, then move around freely there!?

We honor our forces… and we will do everything possible to help them perform their duties.

… The presence of enemy spies within Afghan Government ranks is part of our government’s inheritance and has led to the situation as we see it. To purge the government of such elements ought to be a priority for the NUG.

It is not sufficient that we visit attack site or hospitals, without backing it with action. People will sand behind us when they are assured that the government they voted for has a clear policy to fight the enemy and restore peace. Our success depends on people’s support.

My promise to you is that we will not engage in any deal that hurts our national interest. /END of excerpts/