Official and Diplomatic Visas

Official and diplomatic visas are granted to holders of service, diplomatic and UN passports who intend to visit Afghanistan for official purposes. Official or diplomatic visas can be issued for single or multiple entries for a period of 3 months to one year. The duration of stay in Afghanistan for these visas (per visit) is capped to 30 days for a 3 months single entry visa, 90 days for a 6 months multiple entry visa and 180 days for a 1 year multiple entry visa.

The followings are required for an official and diplomatic visa application:

  • An appointment using our online visa appointment booking service
  • Applicant’s Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity
  • Official Note Verbal from relevant government department requesting for the visa and specifying the purpose and duration of the visit
  • Visa application form filled out correctly and legibly
  • Two recent photo of the applicant
  • Diplomatic, official or UN passport of the applicant, with at least six months validity
  • New diplomats deployed to Afghanistan to replace a diplomatic post, must provide a letter to confirm the full name and position of the diplomat that is being replaced and indicate when and for how long the applicant is intending to take charge of this position.  This process can take up to 3 weeks.
  • For diplomats or officials visiting Afghanistan for a short time or a meeting, the normal procedure still applies.
  • Proof of Address, e.g. Bank Statement, Utility Bills. 
  • Relevant Fees, if applies, paid by credit/debit card at the counter or send us postal order payable to (Embassy of Afghanistan). 
  • If the application is submitted on behalf of the applicant, he/she needed an authorisation latter from the applicant for drop off and pickup. 

Please download Diplomatic visa application form

Note: The note verbal or the official letter provided shall not be dated more than two weeks prior to the date of the application. The validity of the visa begins from the issue date of the visa.

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