Child Visa

Entry permits are required for all Afghan children born outside Afghanistan and/or are holders of British or other nationalities. If the child is born to Afghan parents in Afghanistan, and his/her place of birth is specified to be in Afghanistan in his/her passport, entry permits are not required.

To apply for a child visa, the followings are required:

  • Appointment: You do not need to book appointment for Child Visa
  • Applicant’s Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity
  • One of the parents must be present. The child is not required to be present. We require one of the parents’ consent for the child’s travel to Afghanistan
  • Child Visa Application Form, filled out correctly and legibly
  • Birth Certificate with both parents’ details (Please bring original and 1 copy)
  • Parents’ passport (Please bring original and 1 copy)
  • The issued permit is for a period of five years with multiple entries. There is no Fee for this application. 

Note: Please download the Child Visa Application Form and fill in before you come to the Consulate Section.

For child visa application form, click here

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