Business Visa

Business visas are issued for employers/employees of businesses in Afghanistan. Visas for Afghanistan are only issued on valid passports. We do not issue visas for travel document holders.

How to Apply

In Person

  1. Prepare the required documents
  2. Book an appointment online

By Post

  1. Prepare and post the required documents
  2. Include a pre-paid return envelope to return your documents back to your address
  3. Attach a Postal order (Fee for each visa duration as specified below)

What documents you need to apply

  • Duly completed and signed Visa Application Form
  • One standard passport size photo
  • Valid Passport
  • Letter from Employer in Afghanistan
  • Proof of Address


  • £200.00 (Validity of 3 months with Single Entry and 30 Day Stay)
  • £500.00 (Validity of 6 months with Multiple Entry and 90 Day Stay)
  • £1000.00 (Validity of 12 months with Multiple Entry and 180 Day Stay)
  • £1000.00 (Validity of 12 months with Multiple Entry and 180 Day Stay) *Registered Business owners only*
  • (We do not accept cash payments- CARD ONLY)

Processing Time

  • 7 working days

Contact Us

  • Email
  • Tel: 02075844443

Important Information

All fees paid for the visa application are non-refundable irrespective of the outcome of the application. The validity of the visa begins from the issue date of the visa.

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