Consulate Enquiries

Consulate Section – Passport Enquiry:

0207 584 4443

Visa & Other Services Enquiry:

0207 584 0146

(If we miss your calls, we never miss your emails)

We receive hundreds of calls every single day, our telephone lines are very busy, please email us and you will be replied in max 1 hour. 


Due to high volume of calls, please email us for all consular queries e.g. Passport, Visa, Power of Attorney, Certificates, Legalisation and Attestations. 

  • For Visa:
  • For Passport: 
  • For Power of Attorney
  • For Birth Certificate:
  • For Criminal Record:
  • For Document Attestations:
  • For Legalisation: 


For any Urgent/Emergency consular query, please email: 


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