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Charge’d’ Affairs Siamak Herawi attended Banquet held at Guild Hall honouring Chinese president Xi Jinping

123Charge’ d’ Affairs Siamak Herawi attended a Banquet held in London’s financial district at Guild Hall in honour of Chinese president Xi Jinping on Wednesday 21 October 2015.

At the event where about four hundreds of elite politicians, businessman, artists and London based ambassadors attended, Alan Yarrow Lord Mayor of London and Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke and reaffirmed the development of economic and political relations between the two countries

It is worth mentioning that during the arrival of Chinese President at the ceremony, ambassadors and Charge’ d’ Affairs from seven countries took part in greeting reception including Afghanistan, Canada, Indonesia, France, Germany, Russia and Kuwait. Siamak Herawi Charge’ d’ Affairs of the embassy of Afghanistan in London greeted and welcomed President Xi Jinping when entering the hall.

During the meeting, the Chinese presidents outlined his country’s progress and said while Chinese people read books of Shakespeare, Charles Dknyz, Agatha Christie, and other English writers; they are also interested in Karl Marx’s writings.

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