Industry Sector

Investing in the Industry Sector

While the agriculture sector presents and is likely to present in the near and mid-term future the most important industry sector, Afghanistan is keen on establishing a low-end manufacturing sector, which will absorb many unemployed Afghans.

Low-cost manufacturing industry could be established in Afghanistan as currently big players like China and India are now moving a step forward into more sophisticated industries. Areas suitable for investment in manufacturing industry are likely to be those imports that can be first supplied to the local market and later export them when domestic demand is met, these products are discussed below. Investment in import substitutions will offset the current trade deficit and the huge volume of imports indicate that all these products have a market in the country.

Exported Oriented Industries
Dry Fruits Processing






Leather & Animals Skin


Fresh Fruits Processing


Import Oriented Industries


USD 44 million import volume

Iron melting & Steel Mills

USD 56 million import volume


USD 56 million import volume


USD 1.2 billion import volume


USD 20 million import volume


USD 75 million import volume

Wall Paints

USD 20.3 million import volume

Leather & Footwear

USD 45 million import volume

Food & Beverages

USD 1.75 billion import volume


USD 23.9 million import volume

Electronics & Home Appliances

USD 323 million import volume

Tire & Plastic Products

USD 84 million import volume


USD 1.5 million import volume

Cotton, Graments & Textile

USD 365million import volume

Dairy Products

USD 54 million import volume

Handicrafts & Clothing


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