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BAAG: Brining the Humanitarian Community Together

Ambassador Jawad and Shamim Jawad hosted an afternoon tea for British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group (BAAG). The networking and advocacy agency was founded in 1987 aiming to aid humanitarian and development programmes in Afghanistan. Among the attendees were representatives from the 28 member agencies of BAAG, creating an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange to further develop policy and decision-making processes to reflect the needs and ambitions of the Afghan people.

Offering the embassy’s full support and awarding a certificate of appreciation, Ambassador Jawad thanked BAAG for bringing the UK humanitarian community together. He also emphasised the importance of continuing the international commitment to the development of Afghanistan. This was supported by BAAG director Jawed Nader who explained that the agency is just as vital now as it was three decades ago, especially in the light of the on-going conflict and security situation in Afghanistan. BAAG, he explained, creates a safe-space for its member organisations to speak up on issues which would be difficult to raise in isolation. This, undeniably, also makes it easier for the member organisations to raise priority issues in Afghanistan.

The Embassy is looking forward to continuing to develop a close working relationship with BAAG and its member organisations.


Current members of BAAG:

Afghan Action
Afghan Connection
Afghan Aid
Care International
Children in Crisis
Christian Aid
Concern Worldwide
Conciliation Resources 
Farkhunda Trust
Friends of Aschiana UK 
Global Witness
Hand in Hand 
International Rescue Committee UK
Islamic Relief 
Muslim Hands
Organization of Human Welfare
Save the Children UK
The Linda Norgrove Foundation
War Child UK
World Vision UK

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