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A Literary and Criticism event was held at the Embassy of Afghanistan in London

Novel “The Return of Abel” by Siamak Herawi and the book “The London Parrots” by Peer Mohammad Bawari were reviewed during a meeting at the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in London with Afghan writers on Sunday 4th October 2015.

DSC_0346In the event where a group of Afghan writers, intellectuals and members of the Afghan Embassy in London attended, Nazifullah Takal appreciated Charge’ d’ Affairs Siamak Herawi for arranging the event and asked the participants to express their impressions and findings about the content and status of novel “The Return of Abel”.

DSC_0354At the meeting each member: Mr. Akbar Kargar, Mr. Obaidullah Mehak, Mr. Dastgeer Nael, Mr. Heidari, and Mr. Solamal Shenwari described the strengths and weaknesses of novel and shared their views with the participants.  They described the novel as new version with new techniques in Afghan Literacy and described it as a highly valuable work in literacy and fiction of Afghanistan.

At the event the newly published book “The London Parrots” by Mr. Peer Mohammad Bawari was also reviewed by the participants.

Critics described the Book as valuable piece of work in Afghan Literacy and the content of the book can be a pristine material for young writers. Critics considered the Book “The London Parrots” as memoirs. They emphasized that it could become more important effect if focused more on its artistic aspects.

DSC_0358In the event Mr. Siamak Herawi and Mr. Peer Mohammad Bawari gave descriptions in relation to their writings and defended some of the criticism about their books while accepting the importance of criticism on improving their work.

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