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A Dark Day: The Embassy strongly condemn this week’s senseless and barbaric attack

The Embassy hosted a memorial to commemorate those killed in this week’s attack.

Summary: The Embassy strongly condemn this week’s senseless and barbaric attack.

The Embassy was joined by government officials and media professionals to commemorate the fallen in this week’s senseless and barbaric attack in Kabul. An attack which killed 29 people and wounded dozen more, including several brave journalists. At the memorial, the Embassy’s extended its deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims injured and killed in the attack, emphasising that the independent media is the cornerstone of democracy in Afghanistan.

Said T. Jawad, Afghan Ambassador to the UK, said:

• “Today’s terrorist attack was a crime against humanity, and the terrorists will never see forgiveness for their despicable crime. Such acts will further strengthen the resolve of our people to stand together to fight terror and the tyranny that they are trying to impose.”

• “There is no expression vile enough to condemn this evil and despicable terrorist attack today, murdering civilians and most accomplished and courageous journalists, and sons and daughters of Afghanistan.”

• “Last year was sadly the bloodiest year for journalists and media workers in Afghanistan’s history. Violence against journalists and the number of journalists killed increased. In the past 15 months, we lost 31 journalists.”

• “We, the Government of Afghanistan, value the sacrifices of the brave Afghan and international journalists keeping the focus on Afghanistan. They are our heroes, just like the members of The Afghan National Security Forces, giving their lives to make Afghanistan, the region and the world a safer place for our children.”

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