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98th Anniversary of the Restitution of the Independence of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

On September 27, the Embassy celebrated the 98th anniversary of the independence of Afghanistan at the Institute of Directors (IoD) in London with a lovely autumn evening of speeches, music and traditional Afghan food. During the event, Afghan Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Said Tayeb Jawad, and guests of honour, HE Allister Harrison, Her Majesty’s Marshall of Diplomatic Corps, and HE Owen Jenkins, Special Representative of British Prime Minister for Afghanistan and Pakistan, praised the close partnership between the United Kingdom and Afghanistan.

Although the Embassy celebrated its Independence Day as well as Eid-ul-Adha with the Afghan diaspora in August, the Ambassador also wanted to share the happy occasion with UK friends, partners and colleagues in London. Among attendees were thus high-ranking government officials, ambassadors, defence attaches, diplomats, journalists, academics, NGO workers and entrepreneurs, who have all been doing great work to strengthen the fabric and prosperity of the Afghan nation.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Jawad reflected on the enduring partnership and sincere friendship between the United Kingdom and Afghanistan. “We share the common values of democracy and pluralism, and face common threats of terrorism and extremism. UK has proven to be a reliable partner in our shared vision and common struggle”, Ambassador Jawad said. “UK-Afghan partnership is saving and improving the lives of millions of people (…), especially Afghan women and children”.


Indeed, together, UK and Afghanistan have forged strong diplomatic, development, military, and people-to-people ties. At the event, Ambassador Jawad emphasised that those who serve in Afghanistan, fighting alongside the brave Afghan security forces, are true heroes making Afghanistan, the region and the world a safer and a better place for our children. Moreover, Afghanistan is equally grateful for UK development and humanitarian assistance. “We count on your continued support”.


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Independence Day, which Afghans celebrate to commemorate the Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919, takes place on August 19 every year.

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