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4000-Year-Old Silver Flask Returned to Afghanistan

Summary: An ancient silver flask, seized at Gatwick Airport in London, has been returned to the National Museum of Afghanistan.

In close collaboration with the British Museum and Her Majesty’s Border Force, the Embassy attended an official UK government hand-over ceremony to return a 4000-year-old looted silver flask to the National Museum of Afghanistan. At the ceremony, Ambassador Jawad thanked the British Museum and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs for identifying, preserving and returning the looted artefact. “I am delighted that this ancient silver flask is being safely returned to the National Museum in Kabul. This is the outcome of the close collaboration and ongoing dialogue between the British Museum and our Embassy, and a good example of excellent cooperation between the UK Border Force and the British Museum”, Ambassador Jawad said. “We highly appreciate the on-going support of the British Museum led by Dr St John Simpson, and we are very much looking forward to being able to display this priceless and spectacular object at our National Museum”.

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